To our costumers, friends and partners,

The Extralight has been growing and standing out in the market for years. According to our customer’s needs, during these 10 years of successful performance, we sold more than 2.5 million paddings and other products.

Working with partners and world leaders in fabric technologies and products focused on high performance in cycling. We realized the need to offer something even more special and innovative.

Nowadays we work not only with accessories for cycling but also with uniform items. We begin a new period in Extralight Group story and we bring forward a new brand for the textile line, innovating the manufacturing concept of our products.

The Athomic Pads has its raw material and technology developed in foreign countries and produced by us here in Brazil, where we are going to attend the whole Latin America in a faster way, with quality, variety and modernity that the textile line can offer.

Thus, our clients, friends and partners couldn’t stand outside this big moment in our story, after all, we work to

delivery well-being, comfort and to take you further.